Access to Records

We have been asked provide you with access to your full medical record from 1st November 2023 via the NHS app and/or the NHS website if you have a suitable NHS login.

We are supportive of providing you with access to your record, but we wish to do this safely. We have an obligation under GDPR to safeguard the information we hold about you and have carried out a Data Protection Impact Assessment (DPIA) to make sure we are able to legally honour our data safeguarding obligations

We believe, and are supported by the BMA, that there are insufficient safeguards in place so we will not be automatically allowing patients access to their records after 1st November 2023.

Everyone will have access to their medication history and allergies and will be able to order their repeat prescriptions (subject to you having NHS login).

If you should require access to your full record where you will be able to see everything, including the notes which have been written by doctors, nurses and others involved in your care at the GP surgery and elsewhere, we ask you to complete the application form below so your request can be assessed by your GP. Remember, you will only see your records from the date of your application, access will not typically be available for historic patient records.

If you already had access to your medical records before the 1st November 2023 you will still have this – your records have already been reviewed. However, you may see a message on your record 1364731000000104 “Enhanced review indicated before granting access to own health record”– please ignore this as your review has already been undertaken and access allowed.